C Level


C-Level executives worldwide use GMEET collaboration solutions in the boardroom and beyond – for tasks that range from hosting executive forums to broadcasting earning reports to managing customer relationships.

Corporate executives are responsible for steering the company in a direction that satisfies all shareholders, internal and external. Collaboration tools such as voice, video, wireless and content sharing are instrumental in their achieving those goals. That’s because those tools provide the communication infrastructure that C-level executives need to improve revenue, reduce time-to-market, maximize profitability, and gain competitive advantages.

Executive & Board Meetings

Regardless of the industry or region, C-level executives are responsible for the financial success of their businesses. Business reviews, executive and board meetings are an important means of reviewing the pulse of the business on a regular basis.

GMEET video collaboration solutions give executives, senior sales leaders, and board members the ability to meet face-to-face, without the need for travel.

By using our solutions, they can:

● Monitor and manage the health of the business
● Meet with key internal and external stakeholders without the cost and productivity loss of business travel
● Provide the most productive environment for meeting participants, irrespective of location

Corporate Communications :Enhance communication with employees, partners and customers with GMEET video collaboration solutions

A common characteristic of the most successful organizations is a clear understanding of the vision, strategy, and priorities of the business. Executives have to communicate this to a diverse audience – employees, shareholders, analysts and so on, in order to drive positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

GMEET video collaboration solutions provide you with the broadest range of options for implementing a strong corporate communications infrastructure.

Company meetings over video create greater engagement and interaction between executives and employees

•    Video content management and delivery systems allow live and on-demand content to be provided for those without access to video collaboration systems facilities
•    Organizations can easily build a Video On Demand (VOD) library and video recordings can posted on the intranet or on social networking sites

Video recordings, whether streamed live or on-demand, enable executives to communicate more frequently and personally with employees, partners, customers and members of the community in which they operate

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & acquisitions are an integral tool in the global business landscape. The process is time-sensitive and multi-faceted involving executives and stakeholders from R&D, finance, legal, marketing, sales, and potentially, the board of directors.

Once a decision to go ahead has been made, an acquisition team researches and meets with representatives from candidate companies, which may be in multiple countries. Once a candidate emerges, both companies create an integration team and meet regularly to plan and execute the transition once the acquisition is complete.

With such a meeting intensive process, video collaboration provides significant cost and productivity benefits. Using GMEET solutions, those involved in the merger and acquisition process can:

•    Meet all candidate organizations by video over a period of hours or days, instead of flying the M&A team from site to site for several weeks. This can save tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars, and avoid a loss of productivity for the M&A team members
•    Assess nuances in body language and facial expressions of meeting participants and potentially be alerted to areas of concern or weakness otherwise undetected over phone or e-mail discussions.
•    Increase the effectiveness of integration planning, by involving a broader set of subject-matter experts from both organizations without additional cost or loss of productivity

Generate a return on the M&A investment more quickly, by reducing the on-boarding time for newly acquired employees, with video-based company meetings and team meetings which create a more engaging, interactive environment.