Customer Service

GMEET for Customer Service

No matter what line of service you’re in — from consulting to law or public relations — you’re regularly in front of clients, trying to understand and deliver on their needs and requirements. Anyone in the service industry knows that losing focus on delighting clients may not only slow your business growth, it may cause your revenues to flat line. Stellar client satisfaction is imperative to business success.

You strive to closely collaborate with your clients and to be highly responsive to their needs, but you want it to be on your terms. There’s a fine line between being responsive and becoming intrusive: You want to schedule meetings that drive the highest possible productivity each time — but you don’t want to become so “buddied” that clients feel it’s their right to intrude on your personal time.

GMEET provides you with an easy-to-use, cloud-based video conferencing service that enables you to meet with clients on your terms, anywhere you are, hassle-free. GMEET connects up to 200 locations, using the most popular business video-enabled devices so that meetings just work.

Connect Globally. GMEET supports the most popular endpoints, including video conferencing room systems. No need to worry about compatibility with your clients’ video systems.

Using GMEET, you can meet with more clients in a day. GMEET allows you to increase your client engagement-to-travel ratio without compromising effectiveness. From the road, at a conference or at the office, you can take care of your clients or connect with colleagues while maintaining some semblance of a work-life balance.

Easy to Use. Connect with your clients for an important meeting or use the GMEET scheduling interface to send an email invitation. They will love the ease of a single click to join your meeting and the supported calendaring file that lets them join from their personal calendar.

Using GMEET to engage with clients allows you to offer that high-touch experience that makes them feel like they’re your only care in the world. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about how your clients are connecting – you’re confident that everything with GMEET will just work. Now that’s service.

To learn more, request that a GMEET representative contact you.