GMeet Mobile Video Conferencing

HD video conferencing on everyday mobile devices

The GMEET Mobile app transforms your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a virtual meeting place so you can collaborate with others from wherever you are. Now you can join or host single- or multi-point video conferences over everyday wireless networks as easily as making a phone call or sending email. GMEET Mobile consistently delivers a telepresence-quality experience to your mobile device, and familiar gesture and layout controls allow you to participate productively in every meeting.

GMEET Mobile Benefits:

Available as a free app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

Ideal for multipoint conferencing on WiFi, 3G and 4G wireless networks

Dynamically decodes up to 720p and encodes up to VGA quality

Layout control of dynamic continuous presence or active speaker switching

Native gesture support includes pinch-to-zoom and pan

GMEETMobile integrates seamlessly with the software-based video Conferencing platform, and with other GMEET endpoints including GMEET Desktop, GMEET Room and GMEET Telepresence systems, as well as H.323 and SIP endpoints via Gateway.

Support for GMEET Mobile is available for purchase as part of the Video Conferencing solution or as a service through a GMEET Qualified Conferencing Service Provider.

GMEET Mobile for iOS Highlights:

Intuitive interface and one-touch access to conferences

HD multipoint video conferencing over WiFi, 3G or 4G wireless networks

Flexible options to control layout, active speaker, continuous presence modes

Multiple participants can share data simultaneously

Content dock to preview and switch between shared data

Familiar iOS gesture controls