GMEET delivers High Definition VC solution to run on the Public Internet, gives you high quality multipoint audio, video conferencing and presentation tool.

 Globaone's SaaS using cloud computing and widely available A/V peripherals for just-in-time video conferencing Gmeet. It has several advantages over traditional, room-based systems; including dramatically simplifying installation and maintenance, reducing camera costs, and completely eliminating MCUs and MUXs. Other advantages include mixing and matching desktops, conference rooms, webcams and HD in the same conference, along with a full-suite of built-in web conferencing and live sharing tools.

Key Features

Innovative point-to-call capability Intuitive platform
Multi-media support High Definition Video and Sound
Secure Collaboration Flexible Deployment
Multi-Parties & Point-to-point Support: QCIF, CIF, VGA, HD-720p
Local Audio/Video Recording Customize Greeting Message
Call Records Auto Answer
IM IM History
File Transfer White Board
Presentation Application Sharing
Buddy List Grouping Firewall Traversal
Scheduled Managed Meeting Meeting Notification via Email
Meeting Notification via Outlook Calendar Role based Managed Conference
Participant`s Audio and Video control Template for conference interface layout
Voting during MCU conference Web CoBrowser during MCU conference