GMEET Customised Telepresence

Customize your Telepresence room and yet get the unprecedented experience

Get the experience of real face-to-face meeting in customize Telepresence 
Give your Management team, the best experience of Video Conferencing with Customized GMEET Telepresence. Convert any conference room into an experience of a true room based Telepresence. Customized Telepresence delivers 720p 30fps/ 1080p 30 fps high definition video quality on a single, two or three 58 inch or 42 inch displays on a stand, high quality sound, engineered Telepresence lighting and Simple-to-use interface. Get both continuous presence and life-like real size images of participants. Connect multiple locations on a High definition video quality with GMEET Telepresence, GMEET Video Conference, Gmeet desktop based and mobility devices.

With GMEET Immersive Telepresence, bring your Top management and Business Team on one platform, giving each one of them an experience of a complete face-to-face meeting over Video. The most advanced and innovative GMEET Telepresence with a 1080p 30fps video quality on three or four 65 inch displays, crystal clear high definition stereo sound quality, highly engineered Telepresence lighting, delivers a genuine and true value of any video meeting on a very minimal bandwidth. Help your Top management to meet more frequently and more effectively thereby enhancing the speed of effective decision making and reducing the cost of doing business.

GMEET Telepresence with complete state-of-art room provides Simple-to-use interfaces, which enable the end users to schedule call without help of any IT/Admin assistance. No hassles for calling third party for scheduling sessions. Complete contact directory. One-touch-call. Connect multiple GMEET Telepresence rooms, GMEET Video conference Rooms and GMEET desktop Video conference endpoints instantly. Get the best and most affordable Telepresence with GMEET Telepresence.