GMEET Touch Panel

GMEET HD Excutive Systems Deliver an incrediable telepresence experience over every network with the off the shelf camera and audio components.The versatile HD-90 and HD-900 Excutive work Seamlessly with Gmeet Mobile and Gmeet desktop as well as other Gmeet room and Gmeet telepresnce Systems. Connectivity with existing H.323 and SIP based endpoints is made easy using internal GMEETGatewaya or the GMEETcloud interconnectivity Service for B2B Video Conferencing.

It is based on Client Server technology. GMEET Codec works on Super compression technology, which helps to downsize and upscale the video and sound quality without compromising on the quality solutions. GMEET connects with a range of other endpoints from mobile devices to room systems and legacy equipment delivering HD Video Conference and Complete Data collaboration. GMEET provides all this functionality at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.


Key Features – GMEET Differentiators
  • Scalable and Secure Cloud architecture platform offering flexible and affordable pricing
  • Scale as you grow model with virtual MCU giving you the ability to add ports and augment your existing infrastructure when needed.
  • Intelligent transcoding so that end points are ensure the highest video quality.
  • Interoperable-join via Web browsers, Telepresence & Room Systems, or Audio only.
  • Inbuilt Video call Schuduler and MCU Capability for moderatorless meeting.
  • Easy Web based management capabilities, mutes participants, change layouts, drop attendees.lock your meeting, and share your presentation.
  • Easy Adminsitration settings add, manage or remove accounts, set security levels and monitor usage.


Incredible User Experience
  • Ultra-low latency for natural communication.
  • Single-click conference initiation.
  • Local layout controls let participants switch between active speaker, continuous presence and content sharing layouts.
  • Guest links and PIN codes make it easy to conduct and secure B2B conferences.
  • Share any app or desktop into a conference for efficient real-time collaboration.
Performance Highlights
  • Requires low Bandwidth.
  • Supports QCIF,CIF, VGA, HD-720P and 1080P
  • Interoperability with Hardware Based Video Conferencing System.


Data Sharing and Session Recording
  • Data Collaboration, File Sharing, Application sharing, Media Sharing, Voting, Co-Browsing.
  • Connect from anywhere, while travelling too, through data card.
Ease of Deployment
  • Designed for self-service multipoint collaboration.
  • User friendly, invite participants through emailas well.
  • Full-featured conferencing with legacy endpoints via GMEET, or through the GMEET cloud interconnectivity service.
Intutive user Interface
  • Great performance on everyday IP networks.
  • Global Address Book of users and room with Prsence.
  • Clik to call and Web based Schuduler for Multiparty Invites.