Video Bridging Service

Globalone Video Bridging Services

We have experience organizing Global and domestic video conference meetings. Service and advice at the right price. Our video conference bridge service enables 3 or more video conferencing locations to meet simultaneously. We manage all aspects of the meeting for you and all the participants need to do is turn up to the meeting on time.

All sites are pre-registered with the bridge and tested to avoid any compatibility issues on the day, and we have a simple to understand pricing policy with no hidden extras.It is increasingly important in today's face paced world to be able to connect on the go. We are able to connect a laptop, PC or mobile device with browser to your multipoint meeting.

We will guide you through the whole process. From a simple link up of 3 different offices to an 8 hour 6 site link with a power point presentation and Q & A sessions, we have the experience to help you get the best out of your event.


  • Short notice booking service
  • Operator monitoring
  • Connect mobile devices:iPad2 or Smart phone
  • Connect laptops or PC's with webcams
  • IP gateway conversion service
  • No charge for continuous presence
  • No charge for higher data rates
  • Per minute connection charge